About Us

End-User Studios is a creative design and development group formed by a few like-minded friends. Our activities are varied, though as prominently featured by our corporate emblem, we specialize in the creation of software products customized for user groups with special needs. We firmly believe that users should not have to settle for the ‘one-size-fits-all’ commercial off-the-shelf software solutions found on the market, but should be delivered one that snugly caters to their individual needs.

We’re mostly a Microsoft® .NET™ shop specializing in Windows desktop applications, however we do take on side projects for other platforms, including web applications and apps on Google® Android™.

At End-User Studios we believe that to develop good software we need to be more than just great programmers. Much more importantly, we need to be able to think like users; putting ourselves in their shoes and designing the software from the ground up around how our target audience would want to use the software.

End-Users Studios. Because software should work the way you want.