Welcome to End-User Studios

Meet Joe.

Joe End-User.

Like the rest of us, Joe believes in software that is packed with the features we need, and still remains a pleasure to use. Joe doesn’t believe that complex software must be complicated to use; on the contrary, he holds the age-old belief that software exists in order to make our lives easier. Users shouldn’t be concerned with having to learn new tricks and jump through hoops in order to use software, instead, software should be designed such that the difficulties of operating a computer is alleviated, getting us where we want whenever we want.

Joe’s our mascot, and he represents every one of us. And that’s where we come in.

As Joe End-Users ourselves, we look around us and realise that a lot of software out there just isn’t designed with users in mind. They look and act the way they do because they were created by programmers who couldn’t design, or designers that focused more on how it looked than how it functioned. We don’t see why these two disciplines cannot be combined. As End-Users we believe that when it comes to software, both form and function are equally important. We wouldn’t enjoy something that looked and felt terrible in-use, and we have no use with software that looks good but has no substance. So we decided to develop software ourselves.

From the perspective of an End-user.

For us, we’re not motivated by making the most money in the shortest time possible, or creating something that’ll make us famous but has little benefit for others. Sure, as a company we are concerned about our survival too; but we believe that we can earn an honest living by creating great software and selling them for what they are worth. We have a passion towards what we do, and it is in creating solutions that we can be proud of; software applications that fulfill a need other developers have not touched on, software demographics which had been neglected by larger companies, software designs that should long have received some innovation.

It is an exciting start for us here at End-User Studios, and we hope it’ll be the same for you too.

Keep checking back!