End-User Studios: Who We Are

End-User Studios is a creative design and development group formed by a few like-minded friends. Our activities are varied, though as prominently featured by our corporate emblem, we specialize in the creation of software products customized for user groups with special needs. We firmly believe that users should not have to settle for the ‘one-size-fits-all’ commercial off-the-shelf software solutions found on the market, but should be delivered one that snugly caters to their individual needs.

We’re mostly a Microsoft® .NET™ shop specializing in Windows desktop applications, however we do take on side projects for other platforms, including web applications and apps on Google® Android™.

At End-User Studios we believe that to develop good software we need to be more than just great programmers. Much more importantly, we need to be able to think like users; putting ourselves in their shoes and designing the software from the ground up around how our target audience would want to use the software.

End-Users Studios. Because software should work the way you want.

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Our Projects

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Windows® Desktop Applications

Red Genesys EAS Logo

Our flagship line of products, the Red Genesys EAS suite of applications aims to fulfill the administrative needs of small groups and organizations for which mainstream products can be overly complicated and unwieldy to use. Combining a base design that cuts out the unnecessary fluff with ‘flick-of-a-switch’ extensibility, we ensure that the suite remains accessible to even new users, without compromising on product features.

Availability: In requirements gathering and conceptualization stage

Android™ Mobile Applications

Android AndyMaking our first foray into serious mobile application design and development, Go Dutch! is a simple app that allows friends to quickly calculate each person’s share at a meal gathering. The application allow users to specify if the cost is to be shared equally, or should each pay for his own share of food.

An additional option also allow certain meal participants to be excluded from the billing, with the unpaid share being shared between the paying participants. This is useful for occasions such as birthdays or wedding anniversaries, where the guests of honor shouldn’t have to pay.

The feature is available to both the “pay equal share” or “pay own share” modes. Other options include the ability to include variable consumption taxes as well as optional service charges.

In addition to Go Dutch!, we are currently also looking into porting some of our existing and upcoming desktop products over to the Android mobile platform. Stay tuned!

Availability: In feasibility study stage

Untitled Book on Leadership

End-User Studios is more than just a software development house; we consider ourselves more of a creative design and development group, and we venture wherever our hearts take us. We are currently working on an untitled book project that will see us penning down and sharing our thoughts about leadership outside of the corporate world.

Exploring issues and sharing the experiences gained over a 15 year period, we hope to bring some new insight into the nuances of leadership in unconventional situations and organizations.

Availability: Active work-in-progress

Past Projects

PageCentral AlphaPage Screenshot

PageCentral AlphaPage (1999): An alphanumeric paging software for sending messages through local telecommunication company SingTel’s paging gateway.

The software was a first in its time; allowing users to send 175 characters in a single message – over the 140 allowed over normal alphanumeric paging methods as well as the 120 allowed over the telco’s own web messaging interface.



NHC Sterling v9.0 ScreenshotVarious web and multimedia projects (1997 to 2010): Members of End-User studios designed and maintained web sites, web applications and created multimedia productions for a local non-profit organization during this 13-years period at no cost. The experience was a fruitful one, and contributed greatly to the forming and development of the team today.





COR E-Directory v2.0 ScreenshotCOR E-Directory 1 & 2 (2007 & 2008): Custom developed for a WITs team in a major local organization, the application bagged a Silver award at the corporate level WITs convention.

The application fulfilled a special need that the department had; allowing employees to update their directory of key personnel to include manpower changes even before they become effective, yet ensuring that the changes are only committed on the effective date itself.

The application accomplishes this by keeping the effective information separate from the required changes, and automatically updating the information as the effective date occurs.

Availability: Products launched and services rendered

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We are powered by

BizSpark LogoEnd-User Studios is enrolled under the Microsoft BizSpark program for startups, and utilises best-in-class software development tools including the Visual Studio 2010 integrated development environment, Expression Studio 4 designer and prototyping tools and the SQL Server line of products.




End-User Studios develops with the Developer Express DXperience Universal line of products, which includes their extensive collection of Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight components, the award-winning XtraReports reporting suite, critically acclaimed CodeRush and Refactor! Pro productivity tools and the groundbreaking eXpress Persistent Objects (XPO) and eXpress Application Framework (XAF) business application frameworks. DevExpress’ complete range of products takes care of much of the aesthetics, interactive and backend aspects of software design, allowing us to focus our time and effort on the finer design details and functionality of our software.

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